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Enhancing document management in Cooperative – SeedCode

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. Bhaktapur — Ittachhen Binayak Saving and Credit Cooperative Pvt. Ltd. has gearing its work with technological enhancement for loan documents which has put the Cooperative in next level of successs paradigm. It’s shifting it’s working modality from manual document management to digital culture saving time and increasing efficiency in its performance to serve clientele ….  Read More

Techno Chiya Guff #2 Preserving Ethnic Music

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You are invited to Techno Chiya Guff #2 “Preserving Ethnic Music in Bhaktapur through Digital Campaign”. This is second talk show where you can figure out the ways to Preserve the Ethnic Music also talking about various social issue. If you want to see previous episode, please check link cited below. Venue: Lwosa Chhen, Kamalbinayak-Bhaktapur ….  Read More

Techno Chiya Guff: Innovation Way to Preserve Ethnic Music

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BHAKTAPUR, 11 Jan 2020 – For innovation lab, youths from cross-contexts gathered to seek possible intervention together for people and society in Bhaktapur. Revealing new idea is only possible through brainstorming and discussion in an open environment. That’s why “Techno Chiya Guff” was designed in a way as platform to formulate ideas into meaningful act.  ….  Read More

Start up: Techno Chiya Guff

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We are trying to connect youths for innovation and sustainable business opportunities through #TechnoChiyaGuff for People campaign around Nepal. You may find a talk program near by your location to participate. You can fine upcoming event as following: Namaste everyone!Invitation for #TechnoChiyaGuff.Date: Saturday, 11 January 2020 at 4pm.Venue: Haasa Resturant, Ittachhen, Bhaktapur-01Discussion Topic: Digital Work ….  Read More