Nowadays not only physical things are assets, digital objects like photos, videos and audios in computer are also assets for companies and institutions. But those digital assets are in discrete form in computers and in some common drive in office. In addition, there might be lots of important hard-copies which can also be stored into digital platform converting hard-copy to digital assets systematically. Although there are many software companies which are providing document management system, developing contents with effective meta-data has been given least priority. That’s why we provide our service of digitization (converting hard-copy into digital assets) and cataloging (meta-data development) of digital assets. We call it – “Digital Assets Management Service (DAMS)”.

What we make for you:

  • Document Digital Library

We focus on:


Digitization is a process of converting hard-copy to digital assets for further digital processing.


Cataloging is developing meta-data (data-set) of digital assets for powerful search engine and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why Digital Assets Management Service?

Along with digitization and cataloging (indexing) service we also provide online platform using open source software. Our expertise is digital assets management service. We recommend you the service for following benefits:

One Stop Window

Access official digital assets at one stop window anywhere and anytime.

Institutional Memories

Preserve institutional memories.

Research Base

Make decision based on research with official documents.

Disaster Recovery

Setup disaster recovery center from physical hazard of official digital assets.


Affordable in compared to physical space, manpower and accessing time.

Who can use?

It has wide options which can cover small, medium and big enterprises around the world. We would recommend specially as following:

Business House
Media Houses
Financial Institutions
Online Store

How to achieve DAMS?

We found major six steps as mentioned cited below figure to achieve completion of one cycle project work which is schedule job for digital assets management service. Step #3 and #5 are our core services among those six steps that we serve you. They are as following.

Platform for DAMS

Online System
You may have online demo version of “Digital Assets Management Service” to have a technical test drive. Please kindly move forward for test drive here. –
Internet Connection
File system scanner (with email system)
Note : We have In House System as well where there will be one server and subsequent client machine to access from the central server.

Online Quotation

Check out our online quotation for Digital Assets Management Service.