Techno Chiya Guff: Innovation Way to Preserve Ethnic Music

BHAKTAPUR, 11 Jan 2020 – For innovation lab, youths from cross-contexts gathered to seek possible intervention together for people and society in Bhaktapur. Revealing new idea is only possible through brainstorming and discussion in an open environment. That’s why “Techno Chiya Guff” was designed in a way as platform to formulate ideas into meaningful act. 

Significant participation of youths was amazing in the first program and vows of youths were very promising to step in meaningful act. The discussion was centered at social issues and technological innovation addressing those social issues. Many social issues of Bhaktapur have been revealed and one of them was a gap in ethnic music advocacy and preservation. 

Bhaktapur is rich in ethnicity and culture. Ethnic music in Bhaktapur, preserved by pensioners, has its own uniqueness and identity with its melodious sounds. However, some youth like, a youth in Techno Chiya Guff, are interested in ethnic music and want to share their ideas through the Internet. The team mainly talked about idea of further discussion materials about ethnic music in  the upcoming gathering.

The discussion was not limited to ethnic music but also other notable knowledge sharing by official from sponsor of Techno Chiya Guff. They also committed their support for further events and upcoming innovative ideas. 

Team also discussed of linking ethnic music and service – – of sponsor – Seed Code Nepal ( in future. It was a wonderful idea of youths in the discussion how everyone wins the game through “Start-up” business as Bill Gates echoed in his statement. 

As the main moto of Seed Code – “Plant a seed today, code and decode for tomorrow” – the youth gathering was just a start-up for a new beginning leading for a giant in future breaking silos in silent among youths in Bhaktapur.

The team departed with commitment of next level of ideas in next gathering on Saturday, 8 February 2020 at 4pm in Bhaktapur.   

“Techno Chiya Guff” is a hope as platform to bridge youths for innovation. Yes, we know that miles of journey start from a baby step.

Satisha Shrestha,, Ed: Rabina Gorkhali, 


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