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Bhaktapur — Ittachhen Binayak Saving and Credit Cooperative Pvt. Ltd. has gearing its work with technological enhancement for loan documents which has put the Cooperative in next level of successs paradigm. It’s shifting it’s working modality from manual document management to digital culture saving time and increasing efficiency in its performance to serve clientele in better way.

The cloud based initiation of SeedCode was not limited to effectiveness but also extended to insurance of vital documents from manmade of natural disaster at office. The initiation also offers one stop documents management of the company which serves the purpose of the company to invest the time for further productivity of business process. The online system has robust search engine for documents.

Few months ago we approached to many of them but luckily we got our first project with IBSC. Mr. Sunil Gothe said that our service has been making his work very easy. He says that our service has added a value in his office due to the new technology and the safety working environment too. He is very confident that it will help them even more in future to face other challenges in this competitive age. Ms. Anjali Desemaru and Mrs. Minu are also using our service with full satisfaction in their office. Simply it’s giving them a great outcome and they say it’s user friendly too.

It was the first project of our Digital Assets Management Service with Ittachhen Binayak. We were very excited as well as happy with our dream project getting launched experimentally. Finally our Dreams came true.

It was our first successful project. To be successful, we have used each day as an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a bit closer to our goals with IBSC. So, I believe as long as we have the hunger for success, we’ll always have the power to achieve it.

Itachhen Binayak is a Saving and Credit Cooperative situated in Ittachhen Bhaktapur. Mr. Gothe is the Managing Director there and over there they have other staff members with whom we have worked with.

Whenever we visit any offices then we just get clicked that why can’t we convert the hard copy files into digital racks? The question was always haunting our mind so we finally designed this project called Digital Assets Management Service (DAMS).

Thank you IBSC for your trust and belief.

So, we believe the way that when you make a choice you make a future. Therefore be the change that you wish in the world.

Here we have Mr. Sunil Gothe’s voice as his user experience.

** Rabina Gokhali, Seed Code, Nepal, e: info@seedcode.com.np

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